Content Direction: Munchery

As Content Director at Munchery, I shifted the focus from exclusively offer-based communications to a conversation that focused on the entire customer experience, adding value and heightening engagement. Highlights included weekly newsletters that increased click-through rates five times over, collaborating with the culinary and design teams to create over 350 recipe cards to go with the company's meal kits, and producing plenty of print material to keep the product top-of-mind at home. Oh, I also created of first-ever style guides for the menu descriptions, the cooking kits, and the marketing and product teams, connecting the Munchery tone and voice across the customer experience.

Social & Video

With in-house video production and other content that went beyond menu descriptions (not that those weren't great!), we grew our social following and increased engagement seven times over in less than six months.

UX & Product Features

Worked closed with product managers, designers, and photographers to create intuitive user experiences and product pages, such as this one featuring the then-new "group gift" product that worked like a registry for people to pool together and give a gift to new parents or anyone else who could use dinner delivered regularly.


Once home to company updates and the occasional discount, we turned the blog into something worth reading and sharing with chef profiles, cooking guides for our meal kits, food styling tips, and more.

Content Strategy: MyFitnessPal

Screenshot 2017-07-30 10.16.44.png

As a consultant, I developed a strategy that focused on creating original recipes and seasonally specific nutrition content while polishing and promoting the existing high-quality evergreen content already on the site. Priority was given to simple, on-trend recipes that were conducive to video to support the goals of the larger engagement & marketing team. The strategy addressed customer experience, team benchmarks, and budget.

I also created an editorial calendar with clear planning goals, seasonal events to hit, and specific guidelines for different types of content to ensure the successful execution of the strategy.

As part of the strategy I proposed, I went on to consolidate a ton of overlapping content to create Essential Guides and establish a static landing page for new users.